Thursday, February 01, 2007

Volunteering at Ronald McDonald House
When: Thursday Feb 1, 2007
Where: Ronald McDonald House 350 Erkenbrecher Ave (next to Children's Hospital)
Organized by: Hannah Riesenberg and Sarah Leland
Why: Because it is FUN!
Ages: 13 and up (no toddlers or younger siblings please!)
RSVP: Laura

We ran out of ground beef, lettuce and tomatoes last month, so I have upped the amounts on all of those! Deanne and I will divide up any other items that don't get donated.

RSVP and let me know if you will be joining us, sending food (and let me know if and where it needs to be picked up), or if you will be sitting this month out. I appreciate everyone's help.

5 lb ground beef:
5 lb ground beef:
5 lb ground beef:
5 lb ground beef:
Refried beans: (4 large cans)
Mexican rice:(6 boxes)
20 lb of potatoes (for mashed potatoes):
corn chips for salsa/cheese dip(4 large bags):
salsa (4 jars):
cheese dip for chips (4 jars):
8- 8oz packages shredded cheddar cheese:
4- 16 oz containers of sour cream:
Chichi's corn casserole
lettuce for tacos: (can buy preshredded at GFS fairly cheap)
tomatoes for tacos (about 10):
taco shells (96 shells, 8 boxes):
soft taco shells (72 shells):
sliced black olives (3 cans):
brownies: 2 boxes (we will bake them at RMH)
Rice Krispie Treats: 2-9x13 pans-
cookies: 6 dozen "break and bake" cookies (you can either bake these at home or bring them with you and bake them at RMH)

fried icecream

Great turnout and what a GREAT group of teens to work with! They were great at getting all the food onto the serving line and getting everything cleaned up. There were so many families in the house and all we kept hearing was "thank goodness it isn't spaghetti" and "the food is so good". Apparently they had had spaghetti 4 nights in a row! I have to vouch for the fact that the food was REALLY good, as we all ate dinner once the guest were fed! Maybe we will change up the menu for next month...maybe not!

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