Sunday, February 04, 2007

Hmmm....knew I forgot something! My brain is swiss cheese, and I mean the kind with the GIGANTIC holes in it! It didn't occur to me until I was doing some site maintenance that I apparently had never bothered to mention this here!

We are pleased to inform you of the latest groundbreaking news at Riesenberg Inc. Headquarters. Riesenberg version 9.0 is currently under development and is expected to be released around the middle of April 2007. The creators, Jay and Laura Riesenberg, expect that version 9.0 will be every bit as exciting as the 8 previous versions. Since each package is so special and unique, the exact contents will not be known until the final release date (you will receive an update with exact specs at that time.) As with earlier versions, it is expected that version 9.0 will install very quickly and without much effort. Although previous versions are clamouring for an earlier release date, the creators are hoping to keep this version under development until at least the beginning of April.

System requirements: a little patience, a lot of love, keep one end fed, keep one end dry

Suggested retail price? Priceless!

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Valerie said...

Hot damn, I knew you were hiding a secret! ;-) Congratulations! That's what I get for hibernating through summer, fall, and winter. Hope everything has been going fine.

Melissa said...

Congratulations, I am SO pleased for you all! I hope the rest goes smoothly....

hestiahomeschool said...

Oh, i am SO TICKLED for you...and also jealous....I hope you have a wonderful and easy pregnancy this time...I have tears in my eyes...oh, how sweet

Laura said...

Things are anything but easy, but we have ALMOST made it to the point where I delivered Brett WITHOUT having any preterm labor (maybe it is a GIRL, didn't seem to have the preterm labor with them!). I know all the complications, worries, headaches and extra medical testing will all be a distant memory when this is all over.

hestiahomeschool said...

Tabby said she knew a few weeks ago and did not tell me because she thought I knew. DUH. It made my whole day.

After I wrote the comment, and looked at the date, I realized that you must have been pregnant through the loss of your daddy. I am so sorry. It must have been so hard, and I was not there for you, being so preoccupied with my own health issues.

Anyway, I look forward to cuddling another beautiful Riesenberg baby some time soon.

We are not leaving the house except for Monday school...eventally I will be able to drive and get around more...l

I thought you looked especially beautiful the last time I saw you, and now I know why.
love, Kas