Thursday, February 08, 2007

Team Showcase this Sunday February 11, 2007

The team showcase is an event where all the competition teams from our studio get together and perform their routines for their friends and family to see. It is free and open to the public, it is one of my favorite dance days of the season, a bit more laid back than a typical competition, all the routines have kids we know in them, and it isn't a 2 hour drive!

The team showcase is held at Winton Woods High School 1231 W. Kemper Rd. I-275 north, past I-75. Take exit #39 (Winton Rd/Fairfield/Forest Park). The exit branches-go towards Forest Park which is the left branch. After you take the left branch, it branches again! This time take the right branch which says "Forest Park/Green Hills"...this takes you almost in a complete circle and puts you onto WInton Road. Follow Winton about 1/2 mile and turn RIGHT onto Kemper Rd. The school is on Kemper, 1/10 mile on the left.

12:55 Salt Peanuts (Hannah Tap)
1:00 Safari (Emily Acro)
1:10 Pound Puppies (Sophie Acro)
1:45 Special Delivery (Emily Jazz)
2:55 Bird (Emily Ballet Solo)
3:40 Mix Masters (Hannah Hiphop)
3:55 Fortune Teller (Emily Ballet)
4:30 At the Moives (Hannah Production)

Hope to see you there!

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