Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What: Wheel Throwing Pottery Class (and tour of facility if we have enough time)
Where: Annie's Mud Pie Shop Hyde Park; 3130 Wasson Road Cincinnati, OH 45209 (For directions call 871-CLAY or Mapquest)
Date: Wed. March 7, 2007Time: 9:00 -1:00
Ages: 8 -up (Usually these classes are geared for older kids but the lady said younger kids can do it if they have an adult to be with them and help them at their wheel.)
Cost: $25.00 a person ( includes lunch unless you have special dietary needs)Each family pays individually that day.
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*Dress appropriately. Our facility is a warehouse and gets cold in the winter and hot in the summer.
*No skirts
*Students should dress in something they can get dirty
*Long hair MUST be tied back.
*Bring something to transport your pottery pieces on. (box, tray,etc.)

1) Each student will be stationed at their own wheel to practice the techniques showed during the demonstrations.
2) Instructors discuss our safety policies followed by a step by step demonstration on how to make a cylinder on the wheel.
3) After the step by step lesson the instructors will do another demonstration and the students will practice making pots. We have plenty of clay so everyone will have several opportunities to make a vessel.
4) Lunch followed by additional practice on the wheel.
5) Details of clean-up procedure given.The students are required to clean up their work space and each participant will have their station inspected by an instructor befor being dismissed.
6) After clean up, if time permits we will tour the studio, shop and warehouse.

7) Finally, students gather their pots and we will wish you thanks.

Hannah and Emily went with Deanne, Sarah and Chris to take this class. Emily had a WONDERFUL time, she is even hoping that maybe we can set up a wheel class at CRC, she enjoyed it so much. Hannah had fun but found it frustrating!

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hestiahomeschool said...

I know you will be happy to hear that Kenny's baby girl was bron healthy and a whopping nine and a half pounds. :-)

I thank God this baby was saved from abortion, and I know God is so proud that you and Sarah Leland helped protect her little life by supporting her mom when she needed it most.

On a sad note, the twins Chelsea and COurtney's mom died from a drug overdose on is so sad.

love, Kas