Monday, March 26, 2007

Star Systems Schedule:
March 31 & April 1, 2007
Columbus, OH Schedule
Doors open 1 hour before competition begins.
Saturday, Mar. 31
8:30AM Mini Solos
9:40AM Junior Intermediate Solos
10:45AM Junior Advanced Solos
1:15PM Awards (Mini/JR Solos, Photogenic)
2:30PM Mini Duet/Trios
3:00PM Junior Intermediate Duet/Trios
3:35PM Junior Advanced Duet/Trios
4:10PM Mini Small Groups
5:00PM Junior Intermediate Small Groups
5:45PM Junior Advanced Small Groups
6:45PM Mini Large Groups/Lines
8:00PM Junior Intermediate Large Groups
8:40PM Junior Advanced Large Groups
10:00PM Junior Lines
10:30PM Awards (Mini/JR D/Ts, Gps, Lines)

Sunday, Apr. 1
8:00AM Teen/Senior Intermediate Small Groups
8:45AM Teen/Senior Advanced Small Groups
10:25AM Teen/Senior Intermediate Large Groups
11:00AM Teen/Senior Advanced Large Groups
1:00PM Teen/Senior Lines
1:30PM Awards (Teen/SR Gps, Lines)
3:00PM Teen/Senior Duet/Trios
4:15PM Teen/Senior Intermediate Solos
4:35PM Teen Advanced Solos
6:15PM Senior Advanced Solos
8:15PM Final Awards (Teen/SR Solos, D/Ts, Photogenic)

OK, so the schedule for this weekend kind of sucks! Em has to be there early for her solo and then we don't dance again until 4 PM (and later) and then awards are at 10:30 PM and that is if they are running on time! YIKES....I am going to be totally wiped out! Hopefully baby cooperates or it is going to be a really LONG day!

At least Sunday isn't going to be too bad...we can head out after the first set of awards at 1:30 PM. Maybe if I am feeling up to it, we can stop at the outlet mall before heading back home!

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