Friday, September 28, 2007

Barn Tour of Rose Arena: Home of Cincinnati Mounted Police
Friday, Sept. 28th, 9:30 AM
Wooster Road, near the intersection with Beechmont
Cost: Free
Organized by Julieanne

This was a wonderful tour and chocked full of information about the LARGEST members of the Cincinnati Police Force!

Also from Julieanne: To those who are signed up for the tour of Rose Arena, the barn of the Cincinnati Mounted Police... we're planning on doing a picnic/ play at the Lunken Playfield afterwards. It's $1 per child, adults are free. It's also completely enclosed by a fence, there's ample shade trees, and close by bathrooms and parking. There is a walking/ bike trail, golf, and other things at this facility, but I'm not sure as to hours or prices for those.

The kids really seemed to enjoy the playground, although Grant and Jacob couldn't seem to get along, a small fenced in area and a tennis ball obviously weren't a good combination for the two of them. Despite my efforts to get them to go and play in the large open field across from the playground, they insisted on staying put! The playground is GREAT for the 8 and under set, but not really set up well for kids that need space to just RUN!

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