Saturday, September 22, 2007

Will is sick!

Will has had a cough all week, I figured at first it must just be fall allergies, but yesterday a mom on the fieldtrip told me there was a respiratory virus going around and then a mom at the dance studio said her kid had pneumonia ...he didn't sleep well last night and this morning he woke up and his breathing is really labored and he said his head we are heading to the pediatrician's office for a 9:40 appointment. His color is really good (or I would be heading to the ER) but as usually my kids can only get sick/hurt themselves/break something/need stitches when the peds office isn't open (they opened at 8:30 on Sat) or urgent care is closed (they open at noon). I tend to worry a lot when Will has any breathing issues, as he was a preemie and on CPAP after he was born (he almost needed to be ventilated) because his lungs were in such bad shape. We have been up since 7:30 AM, and of course he is finally back I get to wake him up and put him in the tub!

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