Saturday, September 22, 2007

The ped was wonderful, it was our first time meeting him....he said:

1) he either has asthma
2) is experiencing asthma triggered by a upper respritory virus
3) has pnuemonia that we caught early

When we got to the doctor's office his pulse/ox level was 90....not too hot, so they were pretty was 95 when we left the office and his breathing wasn't as labored....

So, they gave him a breathing treatment in the office (he didn't charge us for it! how nice was that! I just had to pay for the office visit) and sent me home with 3 prescriptions... 1 for right now (inhaler with spacer) that he needs to use 4x a day for 5 days, another for a steroid that I can fill if I don't feel the inhaler is controlling the wheezing and then one for an antibiotic in case he still isn't feeling better on Tuesday.....he did it all to save me a trip to the ER or back to the office and the extra $$ that would cost, wasn't that sweet?

Will started acting better within 10 minutes of the breathing treatment! He is almost acting normal right now....hopefully we will get through this and the asthma is virus related and not an everyday thing we have to deal with. Emily had pretty severe asthma when she was a toddler/early elementary school age. As she got older she has outgrown most of it, but it was pretty hellish during her bad periods. Hopefully Will isn't heading down that path.

The receptionist at the office was funny. She saw that Will had put two barbie stickers on his shirt out of the sticker basket, so she said "oh, you don't have to have those, we have boy stickers" and he looked at her and said "I LOVE barbie"....I looked at her and smiled and said "He does love barbie. And dance and tumbling. He even have TAP SHOES in the bag he is carrying." I am sure she noted on his chart "gender indenty issues"....ROFL!


Lea said...

my Josh started the asthma thing when he was about Will's age and we fought it until he was about 12... then it just vanished... He has however developed a cough in Iraq. I think the dust and sand is triggering it... can I hope its enough to send him home????????? Probably wishful thinking on my part

Laura Riesenberg said...

Josh is in our prayers every day! I am hoping that Will outgrows this, but I noticed that he sounds wheezy again (last night), did Josh seem to have any specific triggers?