Monday, September 17, 2007

Park Program: Creek Study
Monday, September 17, 2007 10: 30 AM to 11:30 AMS
haron Woods, Sharonville MEET AT SHARON CENTER
Organizer: Laura Riesenberg
Who: ALL ages
Cost: Free program

Come dressed to get in the creek (watershoes or boots work well, NO OPEN TOED SHOES!!). The naturalists from the Hamilton County park district will lead the program. The creek itself is not accessible to strollers, so it is recommended that infants be in a sling or backpack. Plan to bring a change of clothes if your children are like mine and will end up sitting in the water. If the weather is nice, we will picnic following the program.

They just recently put new playground equipment in at Sharon Woods in the upper play area, we may end up picnicing and playing there after the hike, it should make for great play fun, especially if the weather cools a bit! Covered shelter with picnic tables. Restrooms with flush toilets and running water!

We had a great turnout for our first park program of the year. We had a new naturalist, Sophia, and she did a really good job of engaging the kids. We started the program with a brief introduction done in the class and then headed into the creek. The water was low because of the dry summer, but the kids found plenty of critters in the creek. The weather was a bit cool, but it didn't keep the kids out the water, especially not Will, who got in almost to his waist! A lot of the information that she presented were things we already knew, but the kids were still eager to get in the creek and turn over rocks and explore. Jacob found a huge snake skin (probably from a black rat snake).

After the program we had lunch and the kids played on the playground. The yellowjackets were HORRIBLE but it was nice to get to talk with other homeschooling moms and dads. We have lots of programs coming up in the next few weeks, we love being out and taking advantage of the beautiful weather!

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