Friday, October 05, 2007

Here we go again.....

My mom called yesterday to tell me that they transfered my uncle (my dad's oldest brother) to hospice. I don't know if I ever mentioned it here, but they diagnosed him with cancer back in April. A different kind of cancer than dad had, but apparently just as invasive. None of the treatments they tried worked. I told mom when she called yesterday that I would go with her to visit him, knowing she would have a hard time going on her own, since he is in the same hospice that dad died in.

She took off work early today, picked me up around 1 PM and we went to see him. It was rough to walk back in the building, rougher to see him dying (far too many memories of dad) and even rougher to deal with mom afterwards. I think I have cried more today than I did even right after dad died, most of my crying after he died was out of frustration, dealing with my mother. It has been a very rough day.

I would say that my uncle's time could be measured in days, not weeks. I have watched one too many people die....Jay's aunt died when I was pregnant with Brett, Jay and I were in the room as she took her last breath...Jay's dad, his mom, my dad....I have come to know the look and the sound of death...

My uncle is a wonderful man...great father, wonderful husband, loving grandfather. Not only was he my father's big brother, he was his friend.

I could go on here to ponder the reason why God has chosen to take both my father and his big brother home well before we were ready to let them go but he leaves their piece of shit brother living and breathing on earth. I know life isn't fair, but right now it seems almost cruel.

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