Friday, October 26, 2007

What: Halloween Party
Who: Homeschoolers from infant to teen and everyone in between
When: Friday, October 26 from 12:30 PM to 3 PM
Where: Jr. OUAM Hall St. Bernard
What to bring: Bag of candy per child (see list below for allergies and suggestions), bucket/bag for trick or treating and a snack to share (chips, cookies, etc)
RSVP: Laura

Come join the fun! Everyone is welcome to wear costumes! We will begin the party by decorating cardboard houses (which we will later use for trick or treating) and then continue with games, crafts, snacks and fun!

Please bring chips, pretzles or a child friendly snack to share (no popcorn or peanuts please!). Drinks will be provided.

Feel free to bring a craft or a game with you!

Please be aware that we have children attending with the following food allgeries/adversions: nuts, red dye #40 and popcorn. We ask that you not bring any items with nuts or popcorn to the party.
The following items are nut-free and would make great choices for sharing: individual bags of pretzles/snack chips (avoid bags of potato chips as many are fried in peanut oil!), tootsie rolls, tootsie pops, dots, charm suckers, jr mint, charleston chews, andies mints, sugar babies, sugar daddy's,nerds, laffy taffy, airheads, bottle caps, sweettarts, smarties, crunch bars, plain m&m's, fruit snacks, individual bags of animal cookies, individual bags of oreos, individual bags of goldfish, bubble gum, Werther's carmels, regular carmels.

What an absolutely awesome time. We had an amazing turnout, close to 30 kids and over a dozen adults and one charming service dog! We started out by decorating boxes and then we had the kids trick or treat to each of the boxes (each box represents a house, it is a great halloween party idea that I borrowed from what a fellow homeschooler did with her daycare kids!)......we ended up having 6 "houses" and the kids all trick or treated around our "neighborhood" 5 times! After trick or treating, we did some crafts (ghost suckers and haunted magnets) and then played some game, one where you pass around the bowls and pretend they are full of are body parts and then the crowd favorite APPLE BOBBING....Will was absolutely hiralious, he patiently waited in line and then when he got up to the bucket, promptly shoved his ENTIRE ARM, shirt and all, into the bucket and just grabbed an apple, you should have seen the smile on his face! Limbo was the final game of the afternoon.... it is always funny to watch kids limbo in costumes! There was a beanbag toss (with FRIGHTFUL monster beanbags!), a table with coloring pages and a pool table to keep the kids busy!

I think that the witch costume was the most popular, I believe there were 4 "traditional" witches and a couple older girls that costumes could have fallen into the "witchy" category!

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