Monday, October 01, 2007

Pioneer Village Tour

I have set up the following fieldtrip for any homeschoolers that would like to attend. Our family has participated in this program for the last 5 years (it used to take place at Caesar Creek) and the interpreters LOVE homeschoolers, a few of them are homeschoolers themselves. Please join us! Pack a lunch and dress for the weather! The program is very hands on and extremely informative.

When: Monday Oct 1 9:30 AM to 2 PM ARRIVE PROMPTLY!!!!
Where: Quaker Knoll Campground, 675 Sprague Road, Wilmington, Ohio 45177
Cost: $5 per student, preschoolers and parents free BRING EXACT CHANGE!!! Pay the day of event! Cash only!
RSVP: Laura Riesenberg that they can be properly staffed to handle our group
Other info: bring a picnic lunch, dress for the weather

Every culture in the world requires that young people learn their own history. History provides answers for the future by examining the problems of the past. Inessence, it is the study of the problems of human life.Our challenge is to get our youth interested in historyat all. When competing with electronic games andtelevision, stories of the past can seem dry, at best.For several years Frontier Resources has offered a schoolprogram designed to capture the interest of the studentof Ohio history. The program makes maximum use ofHands-On and interactive learning. We have designed our‘School Days’ to interest students in early Ohio history toreinforce your classroom efforts.

Frontier Resources is an organization that designs and presents programs to students all over the country. Our specialtyis “hands-on history”. Our programs are designed togive your students a taste of the activities, both work andplay, of children of early Ohio. These include, but are notlimited to:

• OXEN- An explanation of the importance of oxen toearly America and how children were involved withthem is followed by an opportunity for students to trytheir hand at driving oxen.
• SPINNING- An introduction to the problem of clothsupply for the Ohio frontier family involves a chancefor students to try to make a piece of yarn.
• CHILDREN’S WORK- A view of the importance ofchildren on the frontier while they work to shape agrindstone.
• ONE ROOM SCHOOL- An introduction to early nineteenthcentury learning.
• TOWN MEETING- Students experience frontierdemocracy by taking part in a town meeting and wrestlingwith a vital issue of the day.
• CHILDREN’S GAMES- A look at entertainment onthe frontier while students try an outdoor game of the1800s.
• INDENTURED SERVITUDE- Forty percent of thepopulation of Colonial America arrived under termsof indenture. This station examines the lives of the children who found themselves so situated.

The program takes about 4 hours, running from 9:30 a.m.until 2:00 P.M. Cost is $5.00 per student, there is no cost forteachers and chaperones.

Here is a link to a blog about the village:

Best to mapquest this address from your location:Quaker Knoll Campground is located at 675 Sprague Road,Wilmington, Ohio 45177, a lovely site on the north end ofCowen Lake State Park.

Here are the directions I followed (follow at your own risk!):Take OH-28 (Milford Exit off I-275)towards BLANCHESTERto LEFT onto OH-133 (according to mapquest this isabout 16 or so miles). Go a little over 3 miles and staySTRAIGHT to go onto OH-730. Go a little over 6 miles and turn RIGHT onto SPRAGUE RD. Quaker Knoll is aways down on the left hand side.

By far one of our favorite fieldtrips each year, we were not disappointed! Gary Barker, one of the main organizers, greeted us, his head now bald, but looking as great as ever. We found out that the schoolteacher wouldn't be there (he tends to really SCARE the kids) because his wife had sinus cancer (?) so that was our big disappointment of the day, since he is such an authentic re-enactor! As always, we were flooded with new information (the program is never the same two years in a row) and the kids absorbed it like the little sponges they are.

Will and Sophia seemed more interested in the playground and playing in the rainpuddles (yes, it rained on us at one point!) but the other kids really enjoyed the entire day!

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