Wednesday, October 03, 2007

What: Egg Drop
When: Wed. October 3rd at 10:30
Where: Gower Park in Sharonville (100990 Thornview Drive across the street from the Sharonville Community Center& Library)
Who: Homeschoolers/Unschoolers of all ages invited
Cost: Free but we are asking that each family bring at least one item to share with the group off the suggested materials list.

Our kids thought it would be great to do an Egg Drop so we’re inviting other families to join in on the fun and learning! We plan to meet at the shelter by the parking lot (You can park across the street at the library and Rec. center lot but Gower does have a small parking lot located by the tennis courts and that’s where we’ll be).Once we have our eggs safely inside their containers we’ll walk across the street to a high wall by the library and drop them from a certain height onto a target. If your egg is still intact, you can drop your container onto the target from higher up on the wall and see if it survives. Because we must leave the area where we’re dropping the eggs the way we found it, we’re asking that each family participate in clean up and that we use materials that won’t make a BIG mess if our containers do break open (See Materials NOT to bring for Egg Drop below). We also plan to picnic and play. Gower’s amenities include: Playground: (swings, slides, age appropriate play features, sandbox), Patio with Open-Air Picnic Tables, Creek, Perimeter Walking Trail, 2 Picnic Shelters, Lovitt Building, 3 Tennis Courts, 1 Lighted "Class A" Ball field, 1 "Class D" Ball field

Eggs, scissors and bubble wrap will be provided.
Please bring at least 1 item off the suggested materials list to share with the group in addition to whatever else you bring for your own family.

Suggested materials:
Tongue depressors
Shoe box
Empty soup can
Popsicle sticks
Plastic bags
Rubber band
Cotton balls
Pipe cleaners
Coffee filters
Toilet paper

Materials NOT to bring for Egg Drop: glass, liquids, food of any kind (peanut butter, jell-o, fruit, etc), powdered soap, flammable substances, anything that will splatter!

A few interesting egg drop web sites.
Very cool Egg drop based on designs by Leonardo da Vinci -
This web site has pictures of different designs people have made -
Egg drop contest site -

What a fun time. The kids, 15 in all, had a great time designing their containers to drop. Two kids brought their containers already made, but everyone else designed theirs once they got there. We ended up with 14 containers (one family opted to make a single container rather than 2) and of those 7 eggs survived the drop and 7 eggs perished! We were all surprised that it fell into a perfect 50/50 ratio! We did conclude that most surviving eggs had some kind of balloon or parachute attached to them to help slow the fall ever so slightly! I do suspect that a few of the boys, particularly ones who belonged to me, designed their containers for maximum BREAKAGE! Emily, Will and Sophia all had eggs that survived. Grant, Cade and Jacob were quite proud of their scrambled eggs!

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