Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Homeschool Easter Egg Hunt
When: Wednesday, March 26th 11 AM(yes this is AFTER Easter, hit the after Easter sales for candy to donate!). We will be at the park no later than 10:30 AM to accept donations and stuff eggs, we would LOVE help!
Who: ALL HOMESCHOOLERS including teens!
Where: Miami Riverview Park Loveland, OH
Cost: Free although donations of nut free, non chocolate candy and/orfilled eggs is appreciated!Organizer: Laura

The hunt is open to ANY HOMESCHOOLER (toddlers to teens and everyonein between) who wants to hunt for Easter eggs (regardless of age).Remember to bring a bag or basket for collecting eggs!

Donations of NUT FREE and NON CHOCOLATE candies or other small prizesare much appreciated. We ask for safety reasons that candy beindividually wrapped. Little bags of skittles, individual bags ofjelly beans, ring pops, small size airheads, small boxes of nerds,those safety suckers are just a few suggestions. Small toys (likestickers, bracelets, necklaces and whistles) also work, but pleaseavoid those small bouncy balls as they are a choking hazard. We willeven have a couple of prize eggs that will win a special Easterbasket! The hunt will start around 11 AM. Plan to picnic and playfollowing the hunt.

RSVP to Laura . If you decide at the last minute to join us, that is fine,there is no need to RSVP, but it is helpful for us in getting a countas to how many hunters we will have.

Questions, just ask!

Directions: Take I-275 to exit #52 (Loveland/Indian Hill) and turnLEFT at the bottom of the exit ramp. Follow to the first road on theright (Hopewell) and turn RIGHT onto HOPEWELL. Follow about .3 mileto Branch Hill-Loveland Rd (you should see a small brown sign on theright hand side of the road pointing to the park) and turn LEFT ontoBRANCH HILL-LOVELAND RD. Follow about 1.5 miles to the park entranceon your RIGHT. MIAMI RIVERVIEW PARK. We will meet near theplayground, most likely in the large shelter behind the playground.

What a great time and great turnout (close to 50 kids) we hid over 800 eggs and everyone had a blast searching for them. Will managed to find a "golden" egg and won a prize basket, he was so excited! The weather was absolutely gorgeous, I honestly think that my MIL gently nudged God to give us a gorgeous day (despite forcasts of rain and cloudy skies, we has temps in the upper 50s and SUN!) after all she was the one who taught me how to do an easter egg hunt the right way! That is the one thing I miss the most about not gathering with Jay's family on Easter, the utter chaos of the easter egg hunt! It was so nice to meet new families and to reconnect with old ones (many homeschoolers seem to hibernate much of the winter!). Of course after the hunt a game of baseball and then a game of football broke out, even the girls joined in!

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