Monday, March 31, 2008

Free Science Programs from Kenton County Parks & Recreation
(Almost) Every Other Thursday Science!

Due to the great popularity of Third Thursday Science, Kenton County Parks & Recreation will expand the program to what we’re now calling (Almost) Every Other Thursday Science!
We’ll kick off the program with a visit from Crystal Clear Science and a program called E is for Energy. During the season, the Cincinnati Museum Center will present four programs, COSI On Wheels will be featured on the third Thursday of June, July, and August, and Mad Science of Cincinnati will present a program titled Rockin’ Rockets!

(Almost) Every Other Thursday Science programs will be held at Shelterhouse 1 in Pioneer Park (3951 Madison Pike Covington KY 41017) beginning at 10:00 am on each date. The free programs will be delivered in 45-minute to 1-hour theatrical assembly presentations.

• May 15 – E is for Energy: Eye-popping demonstrations! E is for Energyincludes over a dozen experiments showing the different forms of energy, energyconversions, and how we can help the environment by conserving energy. Light, sound, heat, electrical and magnetic energy are covered as well as Newton's Laws of Motion!

• May 29 – The Reasons for the Seasons: Using globes, rotate and revolve yourway to learning about the seasons and to understanding why spring and summerare warmer times of the year and fall and winter are colder. Investigate theannual cycles of animal migration, hibernations, and toleration then learn abouttracks and scat. Create the sounds of spring and learn why leaves change colorand why fall is called “fall”!

• June 5 – Chemistry in Your Hands: See and feel the evidence of physicalversus chemical change. Perform experiments to deduce which chemicalsproduce what changes. Learn chemistry basics and practice lab safety. Beware:The results you take home may be slimy!

• June 19 – What’s Wild?: Learn about the science of wildlife diversity. Humansaren’t the only living creatures that call Kentucky home. Thousands of species ofplants, insects, birds, fish, and animals also live here. Discover animal habitatsand how wildlife biologists use technology to study and manage animalpopulations. Help find and identify birds using binoculars, catch and measure“fish”, and discover clues to identifying animals from what they leave behind.Learn through many hands-on stations!

• June 26 – Rockin’ Rockets: A wild ride of rockets and flight! Transform a teabag into a rocket that will soar up to 15 feet in the air! Examine the five necessaryparts of a rocket enabling them to fly straight and be recovered safely. Seedemonstrations of the power behind a rocket engine. THEN, take a trip to thelaunch pad for 3 to 5 launches of real model rockets and be a part of an actuallaunch or recovery team!

• July 17 – It’s Simply Chemistry: Explore chemistry through simple experimentsdesigned to introduce children to the basics of chemistry. Help the ChemistryDetective solve the mystery of who stole the ingredients for SUPER-SLIME!Create endothermic and exothermic reactions, learn to identify unknownsubstances, and make a container of super-slime to take home!

• July 31 – Taxonomic Detectives: Classification isn’t as mysterious as it sounds.Use clues given by animal eye placement and teeth type, along with adichotomous key to identify real animal skulls and determine to which taxonomicorder they belong. With some simple classification activities to get you started,it’s a detective case you’ll soon solve, right down to the species of each skull!

• August 7 – Digging for Dinosaurs: Uncover fossils on a paleontological“dinosaur” dig. Discuss the world-famous Ordovician fossils. Learn how fossilsare formed and make a plaster cast of a fossil for someone in attendance tokeep! Examine touchable fossils from dinosaurs such as Allosaurus,Tyrannosaurus, Stegosaurus, raptors and many more make this a juniorpaleontologist’s dream!

• August 21 – Launch Into Space: Will YOU be the astronaut of tomorrow?Explore outer space and space travel right in Pioneer Park! Take a round tripvoyage to space including rocket launch, life in space, and the trip back to Earth.Engage in science experiments. Launch cork rockets! Investigate space food!Discover the make-up of stars! And much, much more!

(Almost) Every Other Thursday Science is free to attend and enjoy. Please remember to bring a donation of non-perishable food or personal care items for those less fortunate.Your donation will go a long, long way right here in our community! Your kind donations of non-perishable food and personal care items have helped way more than you know. Let’s keep giving! Please remember to bring your donations for those less fortunate during each of our free programs: Wild Wednesdays!, Kids All-American Fishing Derby,Haunted Halloween Trail and Great Pumpkin Races, and Letters To Santa / Letters From Santa.

If you would like to see a full calendar of all events being sponsored by the Kenton County Parks:

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