Wednesday, March 05, 2008

I guess I am weirder than I thought....

A link to this article came through on one of the many homeschooling lists I am part of. The post was followed by replies about what a great and encouraging article it was.....encouraging??? I think not. I just wanted to scream "GET THE HELL OUT OF YOUR HOUSE. GO AND DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING!" I think I would probably kill my kids (or they would kill me, given their pack mentality) if I stayed home and stared at these 4 walls all winter!

I get that it is cold, I get that there may be snow on the ground, but that isn't an excuse. When I look at my calendar for the months of January and February, there are just as many outings/ fieldtrips as there are any other month. Take January for example, outside of basketball and dance and Sophia's girlscout activities, we also had (1) conditioning each week (2) weekly ASL class (3) Make your own boardgame day (4)4-H (5) library program (6) 2 different park programs (7) open skate and (8) the science fair. Let us not forget our 3 day trip to Sandusky for the Unschoolers Winter Waterpark Gathering! February was equally full with (1) conditioning each week (2) weekly ASL class (3) volunteering at RMH (4) tour of Lowes (5) 4-H (6) Chinese New Year (7) 3 park programs (8) library program (9) Valentine's party (10) dance team showcase and (11) snow tubing. OK, so not everyone would want to be on the go as much as we are, but come on, pick ONE THING and go out and do it if being at home all winter is, to quote the author, "one of the single biggest reasons for our at least fantasizing about putting them all in school".

To me having my kids home means being part of the world, getting out in it and learning from it, not staying holed up in the house, hiding for months on end. Like I said, I must be the oddball, becuase the article got "ohhs and ahhs" from other moms on the list! I guess HEM won't be approaching me anytime soon to write an article....I think they much appreciate the kinder, gentler empathetic approach!

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Jenny said...

I can't get into a lot of HEM articles. I found myself reading it less and less once Sandra Dodd's column ended.