Friday, March 28, 2008

What: Cincinnati Fire Museum Field Trip
When: March 28th, 2008
Time: 1:00 p.m. approximately 1.5 hours
Ages: all ages
Price: 6.00 adult 3.00 child ages 0-2 free
RSVP: ****** payment due in advance after reservationis made
Address: 315 West Court Street


We invite you to bring your students to the Cincinnati Fire Museum for a fire safety education program and tour.

Here's what to expect:Your class will be greeted at the front door by a trained and caringfire safety guide.We'll gather together in the Assembly Room for a short film on ExitDrills In The Home (EDITH).Now how about joining me for an imaginary tour? We'll have fun andlearn a lot, too.The history of Cincinnati in frontier days comes to life as thechildren participate in a "hands-on" bucket brigade and take a turnon an old style hand pumper.Imagine the excitement of seeing a large antique steam pumper pulledby horses; then ring a fire bell."The Fox," a shiny red fire engine made by Ahrens Fox of Cincinnati,seems about to leap through the doors and dash to a fire.Look, there's the cab of a modern fire engine! Children can wail thesiren, flash the lights and "drive" to a fire.Three interactive computers are fun and tell you all about today'sfirefighting and fire safety.Having fun? Sure! Now it's time for some serious but non-threateningfire safety education.Everyone moves into the "Safe Home." The firefighter outside ourbedroom window looks scary but we learn he is our friend and not tohide under the bed or in the closet.Don't play with lighters and 911 can save a life, we learn.Let's Stop, Drop and Roll. Everyone can do it!Microwave safety is demonstrated in the "Safe Home" kitchen.And much, much more!Our homework? Tonight we'll sit down with our family and figure outan emergency exit plan for our home. In a fire, seconds count.Our tour is almost over but it seems our guide has kept the best tillast. Could it be? Yes! Let's line up and slide down a real firepole.I promised your tour would be fun and it has been, but what is thereal value of your visit? Fire prevention and learning about what todo in case of a fire.Our fire safety guides want to reach as many children as possible.Help us save a life or prevent the tragedy of serious injury. Bringyour class to the Fire Museum. Our fire safety guides will be waitingfor you at the door.

We hadn't been to the fire museum in quite a few years (I can't remember if I was pregnant with Sophia or if she was a tiny baby during our last visit) and Sophia and Will had a WONDERFUL time. The older kids seemed to enjoy themselves too, and the tour was geared to the 10 and up crowd, so they left learning quite a bit. The biggest hit of the tour? Sliding down the firepole!

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