Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Cade is quite the interesting child, Jay and I both think he has to be one of the funniest kids we have ever met and he thinks so far outside the box that it is hard to believe he is only 4 years old.

Today, for example, we were sitting in the family room and he kept asking about alligators and sharks and then he starts talking about how they have both alligators and sharks at the Newport Aquarium but they only have alligators at the zoo because they don't have enough water tanks. Then he starts talking about how alligators like warm water but that seals like cold water. Next thing I know he is talking about how killer whales help each other eat seals by knocking over the ice floes that the seals sit on, then he says that a whale shark is biggest shark.....the convesation went in a complete circle...dotted with him asking me questions he already knew the answers to and seeing if I would answer them correctly.

When he was done with his litany of facts, he wandered to the bookshelf and brought me back 3 books to read him, one on alligators, one on seals and one on sharks. He is completely amazing, absorbing just about everything you tell him and always wanting to know more.

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