Monday, September 13, 2004

Today is the kick off of Monday School, the gathering of homeschool junior high and high school students to pursue learning as a group. This year, Brett is taking Algebra, Biology, World Georgraphy, and Spanish. Hannah is taking U.S. History, Literature and Writing, Spelling and Vocabulary and Spanish. The kids love going each week and hanging out with some fellow homeschoolers and learning something new.

Now you might ask "how is this different from school?". The differences are immense. My children are in the home of a friend, not a classroom, being taught by strangers. My children are free to participate as fully as they wish and need not worry about what "grade" they will get, so therefore, the learning they do is in pursuit of knowledge not out of fear of "failing" or not getting "good grade". They go by choice, not because they "have to go".

I couldn't ask for a nicer group of kids for them to spend their Mondays with or a nicer group of moms to help present the numerous learning opportunities.

I do miss them when they aren't here, the flow of the day is so different without them. Part of it is probably out of selfishness, I don't have anyone else to ask to make the little ones lunch or have an extra set of hands to pass Will into when I need a break. I can't have "adult" conversation with the younger ones, no one seems to appreciate my cooments on current events as we watch the news or court tv.

I can't wait to pick them up and hear about their day!

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Valerie said...

Can you tell me more about Monday School? Thank you.