Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A visit to the apple farm....

I didn't realize until a friend emailed me asking us to join her on an outing to a local apple farm that I had never taken the younger kids apple picking. Ironically, the last time I was at the apple farm, Emily was a tiny baby, close to Will's age, and on this trip she would be the "oldest" since Brett and Hannah were at Monday School.

I called the farm for directions and the woman told me it would take about 25 minutes from Milford, so I allowed myself 40 minutes to get there, thinking I would have time to nurse Will before the tour started. Boy was I (or should I say the woman at the farm) wrong. It took over 45 minutes to get there, thanks in part to a slow moving vintage truck and a combine. Life in the country certainly runs at a slower pace.

The kids were really excited once we got to the farm. They loved the hayride, where shocked at how COLD the cooler was (a nippy 36 degrees), were amazed at how apples were sorted and liked learning how cider was made and loved tasting it.

After the tour we ate a quick lunch and then headed out to pick apples. Grant stopped at the first tree we walked by because we had learned on the tour that it was the oldest tree in the orchard and he wanted an apple from the oldest tree. We ended up picking about 20 lbs of apples, no idea what we will do with them, but it was fun, watching the kids run up and survey a tree and pick the "best" apple from it.

Sophie provided comic relief as she stripped naked in the orchard and wandered about, she said she was "too hot".

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