Monday, September 27, 2004


While the older kids were at Monday School, I decided to take the younger 6 hiking at the Cincinnati Nature Center. When we got there, there were quite a few cars in the parking lot so I figured we would encounter a lot of people on the trail. We didn't see a soul. We trekked down to the creek and everyone climbed in, trying desperately to find crawdads or fish. Stupid mom that I am, I only brought one bucket with me and there was constant bickering over whose turn it was. After we has spend some time at the first creek access, we went back up onto the path and headed towards the second creek access. Sophie started crying because she was tired. I forgot what it was like to hike with a toddler and baby without the help of two able bodied young teens who could help carry things. By the time we made it to the second creek access her crying had become a full curdle scream. The other kids insisted they wanted to go in the creek, so I sat on the bench and listened to her scream. I wondered if the reason we didn't see another soul was because they figured someone was being killed by the creek and didn't want to be an potential victim. Finally the kids were ready to head back to the van. Unfortunately it meant assending rock stairs and a winding trail. Emily tried to help out by carrying Sophie half way up on her back, but she finally had to put her down. We slowly made our way back to the van. Amazing, even with her crying and the LOUD walking of the rest of the crew we were able to spot 2 deer, 3 chipmunks and numerous squirrels and birds during our outing.

It will definately be a while before I hike without the older two again....unless I can find someplace that doesn't require over a half mile walk just to reach the creek!


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