Thursday, January 27, 2005

Altered Book Opportunity
Thursday Jan. 27 7PM
Ridiman Home, Newport KY
Submitted by Laura Riesenberg because the Ridiman computer is broken: Kas Ridiman has offered her home for anyone who would like to work on an altered book this Thursday (1-27) evening from 7 PM -9 PM (although people are welcome to hang out later). Please bring a snack to share, Kas will be providing beverages. Also, if you are so inclined, the hot tub is available for use, so bring a swimsuit and towel.

What to bring for working on your book: altered books (any hardback book you would like to alter), any stamps/stickers/craft items you would like to use or to share, adhesive, scissors. There will be plenty of paper, paint and misc supplies available to be shared!

Since Kas Ridiman's computer is down, please email any questions to Laura

OK, so I didn't get much done in my altered book, but I had a great time. It ended up just being Kas, Mandy, Mandy's boyfriend, Tabby, Shelby and my girl,Will and me, but it was so nice just to get to spend time with Kas! She did a couple of really nice pages in the horse altered book she is doing and the girls all did some very creative work (Mandy's boyfriend just kind of hung out!). We had some yummy snacks and Will entertained us all with his scooting and babbling!

I can't figure out what direction I want my book to take....I keep pasting pictures in, but it really isn't developing into anything! I did manage to make this really cool tag booklet thing, well I should say start it,I still need to embellish it, but I really like how it turned out.

We ended up staying until after 11 PM, the girls tried to talk us into letting them all spend the night with each other, but I was too tired to agree! Maybe in a few weeks!

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