Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Tuesday, Jan 18th
11 AM
Joseph Beth Booksellers, Rookwood

Julieanne wrote: We'll have story/craft time at Joseph Beth. I need RSVPs as soon as possible o they can plan the supplies for a craft. This is free.

What great fun we had at Joseph Beth. The woman from the bookstore was WONDERFUL and led the group by reading about 5 books and then the kids did a craft (a popsicle stick picture frame). Each of the kids picked a different book that they liked best. Cade's favorite was "My Sister Swallowed a Hare", Jacob liked "The real story of the 3 little pigs", and Grant liked "Blue Dog". Sophie liked everything. Hannah and Emily were good sports and helped the little ones with making their crafts. The staff said they would be willing to set up a program on a monthly basis, I hope that we get it set up because the kids had such a great time!

Once we finished with storytime we went and had lunch at Golden Corral. The kids were THRILLED to be treated to lunch out and I was thrilled to not have to come up with something to eat.

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