Saturday, January 22, 2005

Teens: Dinner and a Movie
Saturday, Jan. 22 6 PM

Cindy wrote: The teens ARE going to the movies tonight. Please meet at Gold Star Chili at 6pm. From there the teens will decide what movie to see. Then the teens will get a ride to the cinemas. So far, I have at least one chaperone - Tammy F. Laura has volunteered to drive the kids from Gold Star to the theater. If any other parents are staying, let me know. (Don't worry, teens....the parents will sit by themselves!). Thanks to Sarah L for organizing this!

Brett, Hannah and I and their friend Anthony (who bummed a ride with us) met up with eveyone at Gold Star at 6 PM. I was impressed with the turn out, 4 boys and 6 girls. The kids mulled through what movies to go and see and most of them agreed that "WHITE NOISE" would be their choice. Brett of course, the non conformist that he is, opted to go and see "COACH CARTER" by himself. We all ate dinner and then headed to the theater. Brett's movie started about 45 minutes before eveyone elses, so the rest of the kids purchased tickets and Tammy and I then took them to Target to kill some time.

Brett loved his movie, gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars. Said it had everything in it to make it a great movie! Hannah on the other hand, gave her movie only 1.5 stars. Said it was pretty stupid and very predictable. She said that the kids who had insisted that they HAD to see that movie were the ones hiding under their coats and screaming! I am sure those same kids probably had trouble sleeping that night!

Only bad thing about the evening was that the roads got rather slick due to them being wet and then us having wind gusts!

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