Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Quilt making

A homeschooling friend (Melodie) is quite the skilled quilter and so we decided to enlist her help in teaching us this age old craft. In typical "Laura" fashion, I invited myself and the girls over to her house on December 30th so that she could teach us the fine art of quilting! She was so wonderful, she cut all the squares for us before we got there and then was extremely patient and spent about 6 hours teaching us to piece and make our quilts.

Hannah was the only one who finished her quilt that day, we knew we had to have one completed so that we knew what we were doing once we were home and on our own. Emily finished hers the following day and I was the last to complete mine 2 days later. The girls were so excited that they actually pieced a quilt top for Sophie on New Year's Eve and finished it up on New Year's Day (we had to go out and buy material to back it with and batting).

We are so proud of our new skill. Some of us are more of the "perfectionist" than others, but it is a skill we will continue to build on with each new quilt.

Both Hannah and Emily have started new quilt tops. We were fortunate to have some scrap material from my grandmother and we were able to borrow a rotary cutter and cutting mat from my mother. Now our spare change is going to fabric purchases. We can't pass Walmart, Joann's or Hobby Lobby without checking out the clearance fabric.

Check out our yahoo album with pictures of our first projects and of sweet William hanging out on the quilt his momma made him!

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