Friday, January 28, 2005

Friday, January 28; Noon – 2pm
Bowling & Food!!
Cost: $6/unlimited bowling and shoes

AMC King Pin Lanes 7735 Beechmont Avenue/231-8010
ALL ages

Organizer: Cindy

Cindy writes: We hope you will join us for an afternoon of bowling, socializing, and food. In addition to bowling which is $6 person (which includes unlimited bowling plus shoes) we will also be able to order food from the snack booth. (Personally, I will bring my own drinks as I think they are too expensive here.) Normally we order pizza, but this sounded like it might be fun. Everyone can get what they want. It looks a bit pricey, but they do have a variety of items AND kids can order whenever they want (instead of waiting on the delivery man!) On Friday, we’ll vote on whether we like this or would rather have pizza for our February date.
PLEASE RSVP by Thursday evening, January 27, at 8pm. Tell me how many bowlers and their ages. I will group bowlers by age (approximately) There are bumpers on all lanes except the teen lanes (unless they request it). THAT DAY…it’s great if you can come a few minutes early and bring cash – small bills are greatly appreciated. Please no checks or credit cards.

As usual, the kids really enjoyed bowling. We stopped and picked up our free pizzas with their "book it" coupons on the way to the bowling alley to save us the money from buying food there since it is so expensive. Jacob bowled an AMAZING 133, rolling two strikes in a row on the final frame. He was so excited! Certainly beat Brett's whooping 21 from his first game! The kids bowled the entire 2 hours! Cade and Liam had a bit of an arguement, but nothing that didn't pass quickly!

Andrea, Carter's mom, was an absolute dear and brought a great book (a Cub Scout leader handbook) full of GREAT ideas for the field day we are planning for May. It is so wonderful when you get unexpected help, especially when it is freely given!

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