Sunday, January 23, 2005

Quilting Club

Melodie posts: Upon request, I am putting together a quilting club for students (and interested parents) who want to learn the science and mathmatics of quilting. We will be making a sample quilt, where we will measure out, piece, and sew together a new block for our quilts each month. Anyone interested in joining the club please let me know so I can reserve you a space in my home. I have 2 (maybe 3 if I can get my other one fixed) sewing machines to share for anyone who does not have one to bring. If you want to join but one or more of the dates do not fit your schedule, we can schedule make-up dates so that you don't fall behind. Probably mature 8yrs and older. Parents use your discression as we will be using cutting blades and sharp needles. I was thinking about 1 - 1 1/2 hours is all it will take per get-together, depending on how many people show up. And I will provide a copied diagram of the pattern to take home for anyone who does not finish and needs to leave early. Then probably people will linger and hang out if they want to.

Tuesday, Jan 25th 1:00pm - I will reserve this day for anyone who would like to come over and help pick out the design of blocks that we will use for the quilt. I have a book with over 5,000 different designs to choose from. We will keep it simple enough for beginners to keep up.
Tuesday, Feb 8th 1:00pm
Tuesday, Mar 8th 1:00pm
Tuesday, Apr 5th 1:00pm
Tuesday, May 3rd 1:00pm

Laura added: Project Linus is an organization that you can donate quilts to for needy might be a nice "group" project with everyone making the squares...just a thought...there is a chapter here in Cincinnati...


hestiahomeschool said...

Are you thinking about doing the Quilting club? I'd love to---I was afraid it would interfere with Girl Scouts...

It was great seeing you the other night!!

Laura said...

We are definitely doing the quilting club! It will make for a couple of busy Tuesdays in Feb and Mar, but there isn't a conflict in Apr or May! My girls are really excited!