Saturday, August 06, 2005

Dad home, but not doing well

They sent Dad home from the hospital. He isn't doing too well. Mom said he is really hallicinating and also complaining about buzzing in his ears. She is going to talk with his doctor on Monday to see if any of the meds could be to blame. He was restless during dyalisis yesterday, not a good thing, since it makes it take longer.

She really wants to go back to work on August 15th. She needs to go back to keep their benefits in place and to support their standard of living (much higher than most). I know her going back to work will mean my life spiraling more out of control. I just hope we can hold it all together. All she does is cry or yell at me when I call.

The ray of hope is that I met a mom(Glenda) on Jacob's football team that is a public health nurse who happened to go through something almost identical 2 years ago with her own father (although her dad had liver cancer not multiple myeloma). She is going to bring me some resource information. Hopefully mom will be willing to accept the help that is out there!

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hestiahomeschool said...

It is not fair for her to expect you to do more than you are able to. You have eight children! We went through a lot when Dave's dad was dying three years ago. It was made even more complicated by my pregnancy. Dave spent a lot of time at his parents house, doing a lot of home repairs and running errands for them....while stuff here was left undone, and I was on bedrest. It was very have my sympathy.