Sunday, August 07, 2005


This really wonderful link came through one of the homeschooling lists that I am on that offers free spanish lessons! I am so eager to get NEW SPEAKERS for this darn archaic computer to I can listen to what is being said.

I have come to the conclusion, like it or not, that Spanish is going to be as important to my children as a good grasp of the Emglish language. The Hispanic population in our area keeps growing and in other cities that we have visited, I notice the influx of Spanish speaking families. I figure it is a language that will serve them well! My brother is a police officer and says Spanish is a must in his profession. A friend who works as an OB nurse says it is also a must for her.

A group of our homeschooling friends is trying to get together a weekly Spanish class. Something laid back, that involves games and songs. I really hope that it is offered at a time that we can attend.

We found a really fun workbook at Sam's. The only problem is that we know what the words look like, but not proper pronunciation! I took Latin in highschool and Jay can't seem to remember any of the Spanish he studied (or didn't study might be a more accurate way to put it!).

Some of the local libraries also over bilingual storytime. I am hoping the library near our home will offer this opportunity this year. I need to check into it the next time I go and visit.


hestiahomeschool said...

I really hope that it works out at a time that our tow families can take it together! I took two years in college but....I can read it better than follow it....

kimzyn said...

Good luck finding an immersion class. We have one for homeschoolers here in Chicago but it is expensive. I like your point about Spanish being a must though.

hestiahomeschool said...

I just found out that the Museum Center was offering Spanish activity days for preschoolers. There are two coming up in September--one on the 3rd....we can't go to either (the third is the day before our big party) but they might be worth checking out. You meet at the sand play area.

Laura said...

Julieanne says it looks like it will be Monday mornings....if it works for the teacher.

I will check into the museum program. I am holding out hope for a bilingual storytime at a local library.

Hannah would love to learn sign language. I have to do some more research. I know St. Rita's offers it, but it probably conflicts with dance. I think they may offer it at Countryside YMCA.

Laura said...


I am hoping that the program we do is fairly inexpensive. Luckily for me, my friends are as "poor" as I am and tend to try to plan lower cost activities!

When we were in Chicago (actually Aurora) I noticed many places had Spanish Only signs (here signs are both in English and Spanish). The girls and I had fun trying to figure out what the signs said.