Saturday, August 13, 2005

Days like this......

Occassionally there is a day when I feel that by having so many children I am cheating them out of something! This morning the boys (Grant and Jacob) needed to be up at the football fields to have pictures taken and for scrimmages. I got the chore of running to the picture location and then running between two different fields (at two different parks, at least they were only a few blocks apart). Jay was to take Emily up to dance, go and run some errands, and then go back and get her. Somehow I forgot to convey to him that he needed to return 15 mintues early to watch the routine she had been working on in her ballet intensive class. Apparently she was in tears because no one from her family was there to watch her! Jay said she cried the whole way home. Of course, I could try to put some of the blame on her, she should have reminded him when he dropped her off, but I really feel bad about the whole thing!

To add to my feelings of inadequacy, when I walked in the door from football, Hannah looks at me and says "did you ever go pick up a gift for Chrishauna? Her mom is supposed to be here soon to pick me up for the birthday party". DAMN.....I knew I forgot something.....I started to just put money in a card, when I was literally saved by the bell (or shall I say ring of the phone). Chrishauna's mom called and said she would be at least another Hannah and I hightailed it up to Kohl's and found a cute shirt, t-shirt and flipflops all marked down on clearance! Hopefully Chrishauna will like them!

I spend over an hour on the phone with my mom. I finally told her that I felt we should contact hospice (on the advice of my new friend from football) and after she cried, she actually agreed and said she would call them and at least hear what they could offer. No commitment to actually accept the help, but at least she is willing to get the information. Dad apparently had a really rough week and she is at the end of her rope. It looks like there is a possiblity for him to attend adult daycare 2 days a week, so that just leaves 3 days to be covered! I missed getting to kiss Hannah goodbye because I was on the phone dealing with mom.

Hannah called later and she got to the birthday party safe and sound and Emily up to the dance studio for a special overnight for the girls that took ballet intensive. Sophie is asleep. The boys are all playing, including William. You know I wouldn't trade any of them for anything!


hestiahomeschool said...

It's not just Moms with eight kids who feel this way...sometimes moms with only three kids do...

Your children seemed so happy and secure last night. Shelby wanted to live at your house, remember? You have a lot of responsibility, and the situation with your dad makes it all more complicated. I admire you very much, not to mention that I love you and your kids like they are kin.

love, Kas

Laura said...

Hopefully you all will be able to come back soon and it won't be 2 months between visits! Shelby and Sophie played so well together, it was amazing!

Sarah is eager to come back too, so we will plan another "get together" really soon!

And, um....I am a total copycat and went and bought the same planner you have (different color cover) and am busy writing stuff down!