Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Exciting news from one of our friends!

I just got off the phone with our favorite Hamilton County Park Naturalist, Trina Stitak. She shared some very exciting news with me.

She is leaving the park district on September 18, 2005 to go on a sabbatical in Canada....check out where she is going... she said she will be there anywhere from 2 months to a year (or longer) depending on where her relationship with God leads her.....

Trina was the first naturalist to do the "infamous" park programs for our homeschooling group. The first time we set one up, she told us that we had to have 10 kids. My friend Valerie and I were scrambling, trying to figure out if we could count our toddlers and infants towards the total. Over the past 4 years the program has grown to the point that we now need to schedule two back to back programs to accomodate our group!

She said she would LOVE for the kids to write her and the adults are welcome to write her too (as long as we don't ask her is she is becoming a nun or getting said she wants no "deep questions"). She said she will try to make sure to write back to them in a timely fashion...

She is going with a few clothes and some notebooks....that is it!

I'd love the kids to do something for her before she leaves (she kept telling me how important the scrapbook we did a few years ago for her is to of the few things she is keeping).....any ideas?


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