Monday, August 29, 2005

Jacob's football team

Jacob is in the 3rd row, number 77! He is the third biggest player on the team...of course the two boys that are bigger than he is both weigh significantly more than he does....AJ is about 85 pounds and Trevor just makes weight coming in right under 95 pounds. Jacob is slightly built...he is only about 60 pounds!

Jacob's team is doing well. Both games they have played ended in ties. This past weekend the team they tied with (6-6) had never been scored on in the last 2 seasons. I think we are in store for an exciting season!

Jacob's schedule:
Sat. 9-10 1:45 PM vs. Lakota @ Loveland
Sat. 9-17 12:30 PM vs. Mason @ Mason
Sat. 9-24 3:00 PM vs. Lakota @ Lakota
Sat. 10-1 12:30 PM vs. Milford @ Loveland
Sat. 10-8 12:30 PM vs. Kings @ Kings
Sat. 10-15 TBA vs. Monroe Hornets

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