Monday, August 29, 2005

Grant's Football team picture

Grant is near the middle of the second row. He is number 81.

His team has played 2 games so far. They have just stomped all over both teams they have played.

Here is the schedule for the regular season:
Game 1 1:45pm Sun. Sept. 11 Lakota 12 @ Loveland 2
Game 2 4:15pm Sat. Sept. 17 Mason 2 @ Loveland 2
Game 3 12:30pm Sun. Sept. 25 Loveland 2 @ Lakota 17
Game 4 12:30pm Sun. Oct. 2 Loveland 2 @ Little Miami
Game 5 6:45pm Sun. Oct. 9 Loveland 2 @ Anderson
Game 6 4:15pm Sat. Oct. 15 Mason 2 @ Loveland 2


Valerie said...

ooh, if John doesn't have a game on the 9th when Grant's team is scheduled to play Anderson, we will try to get there!

Laura said...

Great! Grant will be excited. I am assuming, given the time of that game it will probably be under the lights (6:45 in October is getting pretty dark). Grant's team is REALLY good....Sunday we beat a Milford team (30-0) that had beaten the Batavia 10 year old team (12-0)! Grant is LOVING it!