Thursday, August 11, 2005

Planning meeting

Last night about 20 moms from the homeschooling group we are most active in had their annual planning meeting. It is unreal to look at the calendar and realize that there isn't one week without an activity. I think I will probably just shove the calendar in the face of anyone who dares to ask me about socialization.....yes, socialization is a problem for us....we spend way too much time doing it!

Some really cool activities are on the calendar....a Napoleon Dynamite party, teen halloween party, roller skating, bowling, all the park programs! We will be celebrating Chinese New Year, St. Patrick's Day, Madri Gras and Cinco de Mayo with special group gatherings that will include FOOD! There are going to be a couple opportunities for the horselovers in the group...a trip to a local racetrack and to the Kentucky Horse Park. And let me not forget our quilting club and altered book club!

There is a chance Hannah might get to take some classes in "cosmotology", learning from one of the mom's how to cut, color and perm hair. I even volunteered my hair for the "perm" class! I really hope the class is offered on a night that Hannah can attend!

I also tossed out the idea of a geography and biography fair. There seems to be enough interest, so now I just have to go about securing a location and getting the details out to everyone. For the biography fair, each child picks anyone, living or dead, and does a presentation about their life. The child choses how to present the information. The geography fair we would pass out passports and each participant could chose a stamp or sticker for the passport that would represent their country...people get passports stamped as they visit each country/display. Participants would prepare a display, write a report or
give an oral presentation ,maybe prepare representative foods or possibly a craft, the possibilities are endless. They would use resources like postal stamps, Currency, Embassy packages, Flags, Costumes and Folktales. The great thing about these two opportunities is that any age child can particpate and present their research to the best of their abilities. No competing!

To add to the excitement, I have been working with my friend Roberta (aka Granny) on developing a program in her gardens for homeschooling families. We are still working out the details, but it is really coming together. We firmed up the meeting dates, Fall: Sept 14, Sept 28, Oct 12, Oct 26 and Spring: Mar 22, Apr 5, Apr 19, May 3, May 17, May 31 and the time 1 PM to 3 PM and I think the price is right (cost will be $10 per child for the entire program), now I just have to come up with a description and "market" it to our homeschooling friends. Each week will include garden time and a garden related craft. The kids are even going to get their own garden plots!

Speaking of "marketing" Granny has offered the kids the opportunity of running their own business selling the produce they grow. So not only are we getting a gardening program, but also a lesson in economics, marketing and practical business experience. Of course it will be next summer before they have produce to sell, but the whole idea is appealling to my teens!

I am so excited about the upcoming "school" year!


hestiahomeschool said...

Tabby has requested Madagascar for the geography fair and Me for the biography fair. I encouraged her to select someone else, like Jane Goodall. ROFL

The zoo classes are nowhere near as important to us as the garden club, so we moved any potential conflicts...

Those pictures are way too cute!

Laura said...

COOL! I am sure my boys will end up picking some sports superstar...although Grant might opt for Roberto Clemente....I guess as long as they don't pick Pete Rose as their sports hero, it will be OK.

I think Emily is thinking of China for her country, but it will probably change 30 times between now and then!