Monday, December 18, 2006

Dad in the hospital:

Dad had been acting strange since last week. As a matter of fact I took him to the ER on Tuesday when I picked him up from dialysis, much to my mother's dismay. Anyhow, he kept getting worse so Mom took him back to the hospital on Saturday. They decided to admit him.

Turns out dad is now having seizures! They are going to start him on depakote and see if that can control them. Fortunately they are the petit mal variety, not grand mals like Brett has! Even my mom laughed when I told her at least we don't have to worry about the biggest side effect of the seizure meds...they tend to cause kidney and liver damage.....too bad, the cancer beat them to it!

Good news is that there are no signs of NEW CANCER...just the same old leisons! So all the chemo and radiation seem to be keeping things at bay!

Hopefully they will get his meds regulated and the seizures controlled so he can get out of the hospital before the weekend! Christmas in the hospital would just suck! I would LOVE him to get home too, because he CALLS here at all hours of the midnight and 5 AM...because he is AWAKE and wants to talk (although it is about like having a phone conversation with a 2 year old, it never goes anywhere!).

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