Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Rice pads:

I mentioned making these in the post below as great homemade gifts....thought I would include some details:

Here is the post from when I first made these:

We decided that a 15" square piece of cloth works PERFECTLY! If you make "pillowcases" for your bags, cut that piece 16" square. These have been wonderful for pulled muscles and sports injuries around here!

Thought these were cool ideas from one of the websites:
Rice (long grain, not minute rice or instant)
Rice bags may be made in any desired shape or size(my first one was simply an athletic sock that was filled with 3 cups of rice and knotted closed). Using an all cotton material (synthetics will fry in the microwave) make a pillow type shape and turn leaving an opening for filling and fill about 2/3 full of rice (long grain, not minute rice or instant). Sew the opening closed and you are ready for use. You can also make a pillowcase type cover that can be placed over your bag and closed with a fold down top or velcro. This can be washed as You should never wash the rice bag itself because then you would no longer have a rice bag, you would have dinner. Flannel and cotton make great comfy covers. Below are some of the limitless uses.

Heat - Rice bags can be heated in the microwave for 1-3 minutes and will retain that heat for 20 - 30 minutes. Use as heating pad.

Cold - Rice bags can also be kept in the freezer to use when cold is needed. It is not as messy as ice bags. It can keep swelling down, etc. Use as ice pack.

"Boo-boo bags" - I keep small rice bags in my freezer (about the size of a CD case) to put on bumps and bruises that my children (OK, and me too) get. They are perfect and not hard to handle like ice packs.

Sinus and allergy relief - I used one of those Lone Ranger type halloween masks as my pattern and made a rice bag that rests comfortably over my nose and eyes for relief from sinus pressure.

Colicky Babies - Much safer than a heating pad and very comfy to snuggle with. Place warmed rice bag on babies tummy. WARNING! - DO NOT HEAT FOR MORE THAN A MINUTE AS BABIES FEEL HEAT AT A LOWER TEMPERATURE THAN WE ADULTS. How hot your microwave gets the rice and how fast depends on many variables such as power and wattage. Always test on wrist or other sensitive area before using on babies, children, or the elderly.

Bed warmer - My husband likes to crawl into a warm, toasty bed. I made a couple that were hand towel size and filled them very loosely with rice. I roll them up and microwave them one at a time and slip them between the sheets so that his space is warm. My, am I a great wife or what?!

Foot and hand warmer - great for after playing in the snow.

Bread warmer - I make bread cloths with a little pocket in the center and a removable rice bag that fits into the pocket. Warm the rice bag and insert in pocket. Then add your fresh bread and rolls and wrap up. Will keep warm a long time.

Food warmer - I made one that is a sandwich of a dish towel, two to three layers of Warm and Natural cotton batting, rice and another dish towel. After warming, place batting side down on table to protect table and place hot dish on top. Keeps food warm.

Mug Warmer - same as food warmer but the size of a coaster to keep coffee, tea, etc. warm.

Cooler cooler - I place a couple of the frozen ones in my ice chest or cooler to keep things cool longer.

Neck and shoulder stress releaser - put a long one under your neck and across your shoulders as you lay down. The stress of the day drains away.

Gift tag for bags:

Rice Bag, made for you with love by (your name here)!

Place your rice bag (without cover) into microwave and heat 2-3 minutes. The time will vary depending on the microwave. Start at 2 minutes and if its not hot enough increase by 30 seconds till you get the desired warmth. The rice bag should stay warm for about 15 to 20 minutes which is the recommended amount of time for heat therapy. Place the cover on your bag and apply to where it hurts. You can wash your cover but NOT the rice bag itself. Rice bags can also be kept in the freezer. Sometimes the cold feels better than heat.

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