Thursday, December 14, 2006

Nutcracker 2006:
The Nutcracker is in full swing! Here is the blurb I sent out to our homeschooling group....

Emily Riesenberg will once again be preforming in the Cincinnati Ballet's The Nutcracker. She has been cast as a soldier with a rifle (she was a soldier with a sword last year) and appears in the battle scene in Act I. She would love for her friends to come and see her perform.

She will be appearing in the following shows.
Thursday, Dec. 14th 12 PM Student Sampler Performance ($5 tickets)
Thursday, Dec. 14th 6:30 PM Kindervelt Benefit performance
Friday, Dec. 15th 7:30 PM opening night performance
Sunday, Dec. 17th 2 PM performance
Sunday, Dec. 17th 7:30 PM performance
Thursday, Dec. 21st 7:30 PM performance
Saturday, Dec. 23rd 2 PM performance
Saturday, Dec. 23rd 7:30 PM performance
Tuesday, Dec. 26th 7:30 PM closing night performance

If you are interested in attending the Student Sampler (one act performance, approximately 1 hour in length) the tickets are $5 and can be ordered by contacting Terry Honebrink in group sales at 513-562-1114 or by email at . We also have an order form (Nutcracker Kid's Cast and Friends discount form) that I would be happy to copy for any family that allows them to purchase tickets for 20% of the regular price (except Callery C which is always $12). Discount prices range from $19 to $38 and are subject to a $2 service fee.

All the kids minus Hannah (who was teaching at the dance studio) and our friends Deanne, Sarah and Chris went to the 12 PM student matinee to see Emily perform. There is something about seeing your daughter on stage, doing what she loves that pulls at a very special place in your heart. She LOVE dancing, she LOVES being on stage! I love seeing her this happy!

Here are a couple photos from last year's show...I just found them on the website. Emily is the soldier closest to you in the photo, look at the Nutcracker with the sword dancing in the background:

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