Sunday, December 24, 2006

Thanks for the warm thoughts. Ironically we lost my grandmother (mom's mom) 5 years ago on Christmas day. We were all together on Christmas Eve and she died in her sleep overnight. Dad has been in so much pain, endured so much suffering over the last 20 months, I believe his Christmas miracle is being released from all of it. Not that it makes it any easier.

And guess what??? My ass of a brother called this morning and said he is going to "try" and show up this afternoon....I am not holding my breath, but at least I know he knows this is the end. Him showing up for 10 minutes once in the last year will do more than the fact that I took care of dad 2x a week and that I have been running back and forth trying to comfort mom and help her mom make plans.

Plans are in place. Dad is being transported within the hour to hospice...I have to run and grab a last minute gift for the kids and then I will head down to spend some more time with my mom and dad.

Warm christmas wishes to everyone!

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Emily said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in this time. I lost my Grandma in March, so I know what you guys are going through. Best wishes this holiday season.