Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Geenacres Foundation Programs:
Co-ordinated by Sally

The first program is Tues., Dec. 12th 10-12 (includes a half an hour lunch) "Simple Machines"

The second program is Friday, Jan. 19th 10-12 (including lunch) Proposed theme is: "Winter Ecology"

Third program is Friday, March 2nd 10-12 (including lunch) Proposed theme is: "Succession"

Fourth program is Tues., May 1st 10-12 (including lunch) Proposed theme: "Map and Compass"

Please e-mail back with which programs you plan on attending and how many children will attend and their ages. We need about 10 children (grades 2-6) minimum. Remember to bring a packed lunch, dress for the weather (1/2 the program will be outside.) ALSO- ideas about the proposed themes or other ideas. Only set theme is "Simple Machines." All programs are free!

Take Loveland-Madeira Rd., toward Indian Hill. Go about two miles, through stoplight; turn right onto Spooky Hollow Rd.
Old Church: Turn right into first drive.
Pond Site: Located at first drive on the left.
Administrative Offices (for Greenacres Farm product purchasing): Go about 0.75 miles; turn left into fourth drive on the left (note the split rail fencing). Office is marked by sign on left. Parking is available in the front and rear of the office. Farm customers and all other visitors may use front entrance.

We attended our first program at Greenacres today and it was absolutely awesome. The program was about simple machines, and bad mom that I am I didn't even bother to tell the kids the topic, let alone EXPLAIN what a simple machine was! Emily, Grant, Jacob and Cade attended the program. Emily absolutely LOVED it. The staff was great about engaging the kids and involving them in all the activities. Because they were able to touch, to feel, to participate, the concepts stuck with them! The only bad thing was that they had to divide the kids into 2 groups and since there were only 8 kids, Grant ended up with the other group!
I can't speak highly enough of the experience! I can't wait until the next program to see if it is anywhere near as good as this one!

And what's even nicer? The place is only a couple of miles away! Have to love a great activity that is so close to home!

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