Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Great Wolf, Great Time!

There is a new resort (Great Wolf Lodge) near us opening tomorrow and they invited 17 kids to come up to take photos for a press release....well, my kids are among the 17 kids that were invited! We were SO EXCITED! According to the website ( the resorts gives new meaning to the term "year-round family resort," Great Wolf Lodge defies the weather outside with an indoor waterpark experience that has young and old soaking in the fun! Whether it's 10 degrees below or raining cats and dogs, it's always a balmy 84 degrees inside the resort's mammoth, 78,000 square-foot indoor waterpark. Bear Track Landing puts the emphasis on fun with 11 waterslides, six pools and a four-story treehouse waterfort. The state-of-the-art facility utilizes nearly 380,000 gallons of water that is splashed, sprayed, waved and played in by both kids and parents alike. Bear Track Landing is an ideal escape for both parents and kids, offering an environment that allows for both bonding together-time and safe, supervised yet independent kid-friendly fun that gives parents time to relax with children in sight.

We had to be there at 3 PM for the 3:30 photo shoot and then we got to stay and play until 10 PM. They got us into the waterpark pretty quickly but it took them about 45 minutes to get the pictures taken. I managed to keep my fat butt out of any press photos! Then we found out that the fire marshall was there and we would have to evacuate the pool area for a fire drill....YIKES...the kids were SOAKING wet, so we hurried to cover everyone in towels and waited for the alarm to sound...luckily when we got to the door to exit they realized the kids were soaked and allowed us to stand by the door instead of going outside!

The kids absolutely LOVED it! Too bad that you have to have a room there to get to use the facility usually....there is no way with a starting room rate of $289 for 4 people it will EVER be in our budget, but at least we got to experience how the "other half" live!

Poor Emily had mandatory Nutcracker practice so she couldn't go!

The kids played until about 6 PM when Brett, Grant and Jacob left with Jay to go to the UC/XU crosstown shootout basketball game. Then Deanne, Sarah, Chris, Hannah, Sophie, Will and I went up and had dinner....we were all STARVING! The service was really slow and the food was just OK, certainly not worth the prices we paid, but given that we were swimming for free, we really couldn't complain! After dinner it was right back to the pool!

The kids LOVED the slides and Cade and Chris LOVED playing basketball in the water. Will loved it too, they had a special little hoop in the kids area! Of course Will gets the distinction of being the first kid to poop in the pool! At least it didn't go EVERYWHERE like the time Jacob pooped in the pool as a baby after eating CORN for dinner! There are no diaper changing decks in the restrooms, obviously some childless man designed them...not a good plan for a place catering to families!

We stayed until about 9:30 PM and everyone was wiped out! All in all we had a GREAT TIME and the kids would LOVE to go back!

Blogger won't cooperate, I will post pictures later!

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