Friday, November 12, 2004

King Pin Lanes/Beechmont
12 noon to 2 pm
$6 per bowler/includes shoes and unlimited bowling

The kids were excited that it was time to bowl again. It is usually a great activity for our family. The older kids hang out with the "teen" crowd, the middles hang out with their friends, and the little ones end up on a lane with other young kids and I get to hang out and talk!

Little did we know what was in store for us this trip. Jay dropped us off at the bowling alley so that he could take the van to get it e-checked and get new tags for it (only 6 weeks LATER than when they were due!). When we got into the bowling alley, Sophie decided that she wanted to bowl and Emily went and got her a pair of shoes. She looked so cute in her tiny little shoes. She bowled on the lane with the little boys. She bowled her first frame and actually managed to knock down some pins she was so excited! But then, when she went to bowl the second time, she fell forward on top of the bowling ball. She SCREAMED. I ran up to her and yanked her mouth open, praying she hadn't busted out any of her teeth. As I checked, I was relieved to see that all of her teeth were still in place and she hadn't bitten her tongue. As I closed up her mouth and was telling her everything was OK, I looked at my was full of blood. She had busted her chin wide open and it was gaping! I put pressure on it with my hand and sent a mom for a towel. The manager brought out ice. One of the moms went to her car and got her first aid kit. We got the bleeding to slow down and she quit crying. We got a closer look at it.

It was gaping pretty bad, but knowing what a pain going down to the ER would be, I opted to just put some gauze and tape on it and see if it would hold. I also knew no matter what it would scar (every kid/adult I have ever known with chin stitches ends up with a scar). We gave her some tylenol and some french fries for being so good! Within about 20 minutes she was back up and bowling again! Kids are so resilient!

When Jay picked us up he wasn't too happy that I hadn't taken her to the ER. We tried some butterfly bandaids on it but she kept pulling them off. We ended up going up to Kroger's and getting some special bandages that help make a "blister" out of your body fluids to help heal your wound! At least she seemed to leave that alone!


Anonymous said...

Ugh! The poor kid! My daughter has had those twice, and my son once. This last time the urgent care place used glue to glue his forehead shut. It was much less stressful than holding down a toddler while a doctor sews him up.

I hope it's healing well. I'm still trying to imagine how a bowling ball can cut a chin?! It's so weird. My daughter's first stitches were when she fell and hit her forehead on the round knob of a chair. Again, how can globes cut? Maybe a question for the physics teachers out there.

Kim C.

Anonymous said...

Awww! Poor thing! I'm glad that she is allright and hopefully there will be no scar.

It brought back memories of one time when my husband and my 13 yr old (but she was about 10 at the time) were on their way to our campsite on the Ohio River and our daughter had her hand resting outside the window of the car and my husband just happened to clip a mailbox at the same time. He said she was ok then looked down and saw her finger was had a nasty gash on it. He ran to the nearest grocery store and bought some gauze and bandaged her right up and they went on their way to meet us down at our camp! Kids are not wimps (unlike me lol).

If we lived closer, I would love to go to the bowling! We are trying to move somewhere near Blanchester.

Hope you are doing well!

Tisha Miller (we talked in Meijers a while back lol)
our blog:

Laura said...

Kids are definitely much better with injuries than adults! The sad thing is that I really HATE the site of blood!

She looks to be healing well! I have NO IDEA how you can split your chin on a bowling ball (my on thought is that maybe she hit is just "right" so that she came down on one of the finger holes!).

I guess for having 8 kids we haven't done too bad in the "stitches" arena....Brett split his head open on the rounded edge of a coffe table when he was about 6 and Grant busted his head open hitting it on the hinge to the bathroom doorwhen he was 1(that was a funny story...he hit his head and I knew it had to be stitched so I walk him out to the car and take him to the hospital leaving a pool of blood by the bathroom and a trail to the car then Jay beats me home and finds the blood...needless to say an ER nurse came looking for me saying she thought she had my hysterical husband on the phone). Grant also busted his chin open when he was 5 riding on a scooter at a graduation party. Jacob almost cut off his finger with a kitchen knife when he was 4. Cade busted his head a few months ago on the bench to the kitchen table. Nevermind...maybe we have had quite a few trips to the ER for stitches.....let's not even start on the ones that "should" have been stitched!

hestiahomeschool said...

My Lord. You are so brave.

My head is almost healed. I drove around town today and did fine. I will venture out on the expressway on Tuesday.

The kids are going bonkers and acting like rabid dogs from being confined to the house for so long.

Give Sophie a hug for me.