Saturday, November 06, 2004

Friday, November 5
8:00 PM
The Ridimans' Home

Kas wrote: We have formed a homeschoolers writer's group that will meet monthly at my home in the Historic District of Newport (close to the Levee). The kids plan to meet monthly on Friday evenings. Girls are welcome to spend the night afterwards. The suggested age range is ten through teens--but be aware the teens' writing will be uncensored and may not be appropriate for younger children. (For example, Mandy has been writing a story about a serial killer). We plan to meet on November 5, 2004 8:00 PM-11:00 PM. In the grand old tradition of the HSN writers group, bring something sweet or salty to share. We were thinking that since it falls close to the Mexican Day of the Dead it might be fun to have a Mexican theme....drinks will be provided, as will a roaring fire in the fireplace and a safe atmosphere to share your writing. Former homeschoolers--now freshmen in college--Rachael and Elyse H. will be joining us.

Emily, Sophie, Will and I picked Hannah up from dance and we headed over to the Ridiman's house for writers group. Hannah and Emily were excited about spending time with their friends. We got there and the girls gathered in the dining room and some of them shared what they had written. After a while they started a collabrative writing project. At that point Emily and Tabby decided to make an exit and slipped out to the hot tub (they later came in and got Sophie and Shelby and took them out with them). The other girls went upstairs (claiming Kas and I were too LOUD...imagine!). Sophie and Shelby played on the rocking horses (Kas snapped some ADORABLE shots of the girls, bare butts, on the horses). Will pretty much NURSED the whole time we were there (and of course Kas got a picture of him eating!). We ended up leaving right before midnight, the girls were tired from being up with the kittens the night before, plus we had an early and busy day ahead of us for Saturday. Hannah seemed to have a good time but said she was a little overwhelmed since she was the youngest in the group although she said she wants to go again, so she must not have been too overwhelmed!

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