Friday, November 26, 2004

So how did those of you that like to shop Black Friday do today? What times did you leave to go shopping?

Jay and I headed to Meijer's at 4:30 AM to get Gameboy SP with 3 free games for Brett and Grant. The place was MOBBED and there were cops there because they had $17 DVD players. I walked right up to the Gameboys and got them, no hassles at all (obviously not that hot of an item) but we watched fist fights break out over the DVD players as we were heading to the register. Jay (my 6' 4" 220 lb hunk) helped an old lady out of the maylay, people had shoved her to the ground. He made sure she kept hold of her DVD player and got to the front of the store. He was APPAULDED that people acted the way they did.

After Meijer's we came home (it wasn't even 6 AM yet) and I nursed Will then headed over to my mom's for more shopping. We got to Kohl's by 7 AM. What great deals we got.....all of the toys we picked up were at least 50% off plus all the kids clothes were at least 50% off and we got some items that were originally $40 for $14.99 (like one of those chair massage things for Jay) and also some clearance items at an additional 50% off.....then to make the deals even SWEETER, my mom had a 15% off total purchase and you got a $10 gift card for every $50 you spent.....all said we ended up with $1029 worth of stuff for $385.72, plus we have $70 in gift cards to go back and use (my mom gave me $40 worth of the giftcards)! So we will end up with almost $1100 worth of stuff for our $385.72! We ran into my friend Venita (she is Hannah's former duet partner's mom and a dear sweet friend) who commandeered a huge cart from the shoe department (one of those carts they would use to transport large quantities of merchandise) for us to put our purchases on. We would have NEVER made it through the line, which snaked around the store, without the cart! The store was crowded but we only waited in line 1 hour and we took turn shopping when we were in line. I was still walking back and grabbing stuff when we were only 1 person from the register because I would see something in someone else's stack and have to have it! We were heading home by 9:45 AM.

We went back to my mom's house and sorted stuff and had left-overs for lunch. Then we came and got Hannah and the baby (my boobs ACHED, I had to have my baby!) and headed to Old Navy....againwe found great deals and I got Will the cutest Christmas outfit (a velour 2 piece with santa on the front) even though it wasn't on sale. They were giving out $10 gift cards with any purchase of $50 or mom spend $80 and got one and I spent $53 and got mom gave her card to me since she never goes to Old Navy unless I make her go I have $20 to spend there anytime between Dec 1-24!

We then went to Target and got a couple odds and this time it was 2 PM...the place was rather empty. They had stacks of DVD players for $ is hard to believe people were fist fighting and shoving old ladies to save $11!

We then headed up to Papa Murphy's and grab pizzas for dinner (it is a local place that makes the pizzas and you take them home and bake them)...I got 1 family size and 2 larges for $19.97...what a deal! Hannah, Will and I then came home and walked in the door right before 4 PM, made pizzas and had an early (for us) dinner!

After dinner and relaxing for a bit, then about 7:30 PM I ran out to Toys R Us and got a couple items from their 2 day sale, ran to Biggs (a local grocery store/retail store) and got a video game for Brett and some cool Xavier shorts (my husband's alma mater and our favorite college basketball team) for Brett, Grant and Jacob. Then it was HOME to rest my weary feet!

Hope everyone else had a great shopping day! I made a great dent in my shopping!

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