Monday, November 15, 2004

Dinner Conversations....

Monday night was rather unusual. Since Brett has Biology until 7PM he gets dropped off at the dance studio so that we can pick him up. Today, Jay had to take Grant to a basketball try-out and agreed to take the younger kids with him if I would keep Will and pick up Brett and the girls at the dance studio. He handed me money and told me to get them dinner on the way home.

I rarely get to spend time with the 3 older kids without the little ones in tow. I get to spend time with Hannah and Emily, but Brett usually opts out or has basketball so it was a rare treat. I ended up laughing through most of dinner because of the conversations.....

Me: Oh, I forgot to stop at Dairy Queen. They had cakes on sale half price.
Brett: Just get me some icecream, some fudge, some cookies and a square round pan and I will make you a cake
Me: A square round pan?
Hannah: (Laughing) yeah it would look like this (holds up a piece of paper with an odd shape on it)

Brett: I'll be back (stands up and walks into the bar area so he can see the score to the basketball game on tv)
Me: (looking at girls) He definately is your father's son!
Hannah: What? You just figured out dad is his father?

Brett: Emily, why are you a vegetarian?
Emily: I had a dream.
Brett: see that is the stupid stuff that happens when you dream.

On top of our dinner conversation (there was so much) we had a WONDERFUL waitress who really seemed to enjoy us and share some of her waitressing stories with us!

There is nothing better than family, good food and great conversation!

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