Saturday, November 13, 2004

We're goin' to the 'ship!

One of our favorite sports movies is Hardball a movie about a group of innercity kids that play on a rag-tag baseball team. The boys pull off an incredible season and make the championship game and they start chanting "we're goin' to the 'ship! we're goin' to the 'ship!" Ever since we watched the movie, our family chants this same line when one of the kids makes it to the championship game!

So know that you know the story behind the title.....let me tell you the story!

Grant's football team made it to the play-offs. He was so excited and he hugged me this morning and said "would it be a good birthday present if I won today's game for you mom?". I smiled and answered "It would be the best present you could give me!".

When we got to the game, my friend Cathy had them announce over the PA that it was my birthday! Gotta LOVE when that happens!

The game was close and was scoreless at the end of regulation! Once again our game was heading to overtime! And as usual, the other team got the football first! Fortunately they didn't score and we managed to sneak it into the endzone on our next possession!

So we are heading to the "Superbowl", the championship of youth football! Grant is really excited!

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