Thursday, November 11, 2004

Return to the Art Museum
Thursday November 11, 2004
1:30 PM

Korin wrote: Group 1 K-3 Stories in ArtThe docent in charge of this group called and we talked about what we would cover....DAVID & GOLIATH, Bernardo Strozzi - oil on canvas(Story of David and Goliath)WINTER LANDSCAPE - Aert Van der Neer - oil on canvas(Story of Hans Brinker and the Silver Skates)PORTRAIT OF A MAN IN ARMOR - Anthony Van Dyck - oil on canvasand TOMB EFFIGY OF DON SANCHO CORRELLO - wood, tempera and gilt(Possibly a reference to or short story about Sir Gallahad and King Arthur)THE PAINTING THAT MOM MADE (Don't recall the author but I've used this bookmany times and it is very good for the children to learn the steps involvedin making a painting.)These are the pieces that I have in mind for the tour. If time permitsother pieces could be added. Every once in a while the Museum staff willmove or replace pieces so flexibility is always the key.

I must be a glutton for punishment, because I decided to venture back to the Art Museum, this time with only Grant, Jacob, Cade and Sophie. We were set up to go on a tour with our homeschooling group and I promised them that it would be better this time! I thought that there would be a hands on project as part of the tour, but I was wrong, so they were disappointed!

We got to the museum about 40 minutes early (I thought the tour was at 1 PM) so we wandered around a bit, taking in the Cincinnati Wing which the kids thought was really interesting. Then we went and met our tour group.

Our tour guide was a wonder old lady who just so happened to be hard of hearing. Everytime the kids answered one of her questions, the other mom or I had to "yell" it at her, certainly not the inside voice one is supposed to be using in the art museum. The tour started with her reading a book about the elements of art (color, shape, form, lines, etc) and then we walked around and looked at a number of pictures and we talked about the elements. Dispite the fact that there was no hands on activity, the kids seemed to enjoy themselves (and except for Grant "skating" across the museum floors on his knees behaved themselves very well!).

The next tour is next month, so we will see if they want to go back when the time rolls around!

I was really glad Brett stayed home and kept William, it was one less distraction to deal with!

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