Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Cincinnati Art Museum
Wednesday 11/03/2004 9am

Korin writes: PLEASE try to get there at least 10 minutes early!!!Petra:!! that means 8:50!! AM!! eek!We will be the first group of the day, and I have a feeling they will not APPRECIATE too much chaos or lateness. As we are all arriving separately from different places near rush hour, too early, and the morning after the election.... please try to take all that into consideration and plan accordingly. If you have rethought it, and think you have NO CHANCE of making it... call me the night before, and if you figure it out in the morning (too many crabby kiddies) please call me on my cell phone. That way I can have an idea of what is going on that morning. (I really wish I could've planned this for later in the day.... believe me!.... but this was the best I could do. And remember.. if you're thinking of chickening out... it's the only way you can see this for free.)

Directions here-

Museum does NOT allow any of the following....cameras, giant purses, backpacks, tote bags etc., umbrellas, paper and pencils (seriously!), the obvious food, drink and gum. I have heard that they are really adamant about the big purse thing... so, try to keep to a reasonably sized bag.... not big enough to stuff the bust of pisces into, ok? They do allow strollers (as I've used them there before....) so any supplies you need can be stowed there...I guess.

If you would like some idea of the exhibit or some study guides go here There are a few PDF files of various grade levels and worth.

Also, the Cincinnati library happens to have several Petra related programs at many different branches going on all month.

Hands-On ArchaeologyW 11/3 3:00 Oakley branch ages 6-12Th 11/4 3:30 Pleasant Ridge ages 6-12W 11/10 3:00 West End ages 7-12Th 11/11 3:30 Reading ages5-9Th 11/11 4:00 Hyde Park ages 7-12W 11/17 4:00 Northside ages 7-12Th 11/18 4:00 Corryville K-6Th 11/18 4:00 Wyoming grades 4-8T 11/30 3:45 Groesbeck ages 6-12

Petra Mosaic CraftsW 11/3 3:30 West End K-2T 11/9 3:00 Madisonville ages 6-12T 11/9 7:00 Miami Township ages 6-12W 11/10 10:30 & 1:00 Cheviot ages 3 and upW 11/10 3:00 Westwood ages 6-10F 11/12 2:00 Norwood K-5Sat 11/13 Madiera Ages 6 and upSat 11/13 2:00 Main library ages 3-12Sat 11/20 2:00 Corryville all ages

Previous experiences at the Art Museum should have prepared me for what was in store for us today! We got there in a timely manner, amazing with 7 of the 8 kids in tow (Hannah had to assist at the dance studio). Brett and Emily were put in a group with the older kids and the younger ones and I were in a seperate group. Our docent, although a sweet woman, was adamant about the rules and made the children stand 2 feet from each exhibit and wouldn't even permit them to touch the plastic cases that displayed most of the pieces. The hour that the tour lasted was a bit too long for the little ones! When we finally got back down to the great hall (a large open area leading into the exhibits) the boys were really wound up. Grant started doing cartwheels. Cade and Jake were running after each other. A few of the other boys on the tour tired climbing up some columns. Hopefully our next visit will go a bit more smoothly. I think I may take mine to the park BEFOREHAND to run off some energy!

Once we were finished at the Art Museum, we headed to Frisch's for lunch and took advantage of our Halloween coupons to get lunch for everyone 10 and under free. From Frisch's we headed over to Rookwood to kill the two hours we had before we needed to be at Children's hospital for a doctor's appointment. I LUCKED into a sale at Old Navy, anything halloween was $.97 so I walked out of the store with 23 pieces of clothing (3 items were 2 piece sets) for just over $20! We then went to the bookstore and hung out, read some books (the kids found a children's book written by a WWE wrestler, Mick Foley and sat and read it to each other) and played with the trains until we needed to head out to doctor's.

While in the van, Grant discovered he knew how to spell the word "poop" (Grant really stuggles with reading/spelling/phonics) and was excited to discover it was spelled poop both forwards and backwards. I don't know what got into me but I chimed in with "well if you flip it over, it spells boob!" Brett busted out laughing. Grant added that he also knew how to spell "ass"...what more does a 8 year old boy need to know....poop, boob and ass! Somedays I really wonder just how warped my kids are going to be!

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