Friday, November 05, 2004

Friday, Nov. 5th 12 PM
Craft Day
Hosted by Julieanne

Julieanne writes: I thought we could get together and just make fun stuff. We could bring crayon bits, fallen leaves and wax paper, and iron them to make leaf "stained glass." We could make pet rocks. Anything sufficiently messy, especially involving glitter or glue is fair game. : ).

Everyone but Brett decided to head over to Julieanne's for some crafty fun! Emily and Grant were extremely excited because they knew that Julieanne had SNAKES and that they would get to see them. We only got "lost" twice trying to get to her house, I missed one street and turned the wrong way on another, but we finally made it! Julieanne, True and Liam gave us a tour and introduced us to their "zoo". First we met a beautiful snake that had just "wandered" into their yard. He was just beautiful! Emily just had to hold him. We saw two baby turtles that all the kids held and met the 6 dogs, including the newest, a retired champion French Bulldog. We then saw the ferrets and then ventured to the basement to meet 2 more snakes (which of course Emily had to hold) and the 6 cats!

We then started "crafting"....first we made pet rocks (which turned out so cute) and then we made the "stained glass" leafs. We had to leave by 2 PM to get Grant to basketball. It was great fun!

Check out some pictures....

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