Thursday, February 10, 2005

Another cool possible outing:
Trammel Fossil Park

Trammel Fossil Park (this is supposed to be one of the richest fossil sites in our area):

From the website: "Trammel Fossil Park is an excellent place to look for nice Ordovician fossils from the Cincinnatian series. At this outcrop there are four formations exposed. From oldest to youngest the formations exposed here are the Fairview, Miamitown, Bellevue, and the lower portion of the Corryville fm. The park has excellent facilities, there is ample parking and there are signs galore all over the park telling exactly what is there."

"Trammel Fossil Park is located in Sharonville, Ohio just off of I-275, as mentioned above there are four formations present. The bedrock and fossils in each reflects the environment at the time of deposition. The formations that are older have predominantly more shale than limestone this indicates that the rock was deposited in a deep marine environment. The fossils in these deep water marine units are mostly intact compared to those fossils deposited in shallow marine environments. Why? Deep water environments are much more calm, enabling a better environment for organism preservation. As opposed to a shallow marine environment that is more chaotic because it is located closer and within the wave base. The organisms in this situation are less likely to be preserved intact because of the hostile environment caused by the wave action that is not present in a deep water environment."

What to bring: field guides /fossil books, a few simple tools (I am guessing a bucket/pail and something to dig with, something to work fossils loss with)

Directions: From I-275-take exit 46 (Sharronville/Mason Rt. 42 Exit)-and turn NORTH on Rt. 42 (if coming from points west, this will be a left on 42, from points east this will be a right on 42). Turn left at Hauck Rd. (You should see a White Castle)-After about a half mile go right on Tramway Drive. From there you can't miss it (or so they say!).

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Bookedit said...

I took my kids here just today. It was excellent! Go on a dry day, as I'm told the hillside is harder to climb when the rocks are wet.