Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Springfield Township police station tour
Wednesday, February 16 1 PM

Margie wrote: The Springfield Township police will give a tour of their station for young homeschoolers. 1130 Compton Rd near Daly in Finneytown. RSVP by February 2 to Margie.

Emily, Sophie, Grant, Jacob, Cade , Will and I joined a bunch of the younger homeschoolers for a tour of the Springfield Police station. I was a bit leary, the boys were being wild and loud prior to the tour starting, but they quickly fell into line once the police officer began to show them around. The tour mainly showed of the building, but they did get to see a taser (and I was shocked to learn that each cartridge for it cost $25). I wished that we had gone into the holding cell and been able to see a police car, but the kids seemed to enjoy themselves.


Anonymous said...

Hey, we did a police station tour last year. One of the homneschooling moms had a dad who was a chief, so we got the special treatment. Basically, our kids were locked up in the holding cell for photo ops. They also got to play with the sirens in the police car. Kind of fun.
We had breakfast out today and were seated near about 8 officers all toting guns and I have to say so many guns made me nervous!

hestiahomeschool said...

I am sorry we missed some of these. This flu is awful!

I miss you desperately!

hestiahomeschool said...

Sorry we got disconnected. Our electric ity went out! Now our phones aren't I emailed you instead. ROFL

Only in my family. I am glad we have cable. Hope we get to see you snow tubing on Thursday!
lots of love, Kas

Laura said...


Sounds like you got the royal treatment! One of our best "fieldtrips" ever was when we were over in Kentucky and happened to walk by the courthouse and my oldest son asked if we could go in. We did and after getting through security we were just standing there....a guard asked if he could help us and I told him that my son had wanted to see the courthouse...he spent the next 40 minutes walking us around, let the kids sit in the judges chair, jury box, etc, showed them the holding cells, interview rooms, juvie court, all the security camera, it was GREAT!